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Everyone has their own vision for their perfect bedroom lighting. For some of us, it’s a soothing space for rest and relaxation; for others, it’s a statement about their personality! But for all of us, our bedrooms are a place where we can escape from the world and get some well-needed sleep. 

Did you know that the average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping? We even spend 7 years of our lives just trying to get to sleep! With our bedroom being such an important place where we spend so much of our time, it’s no surprise we want them to be a place of sanctuary. 

To make the most of your carefully chosen bedroom décor, lighting is key. Whether you want to bring the dancefloor to you with colour-changing LEDs or create a warm and welcoming space, lighting is what brings it all together. Read on to find out how to light your bedroom in style.


The essential lights every bedroom needs

When it comes to finding the perfect lights for your bedroom, there are some important things to consider. 

For example:

  1. How big is the bedroom?
  2. What is the style of the bedroom?
  3. Are there any features you want to highlight?
  4. What is your preferred kind of light? 


What are the best lights for the bedroom? 


The table below illustrates how you can use different types of light to create atmosphere and ambience in the bedroom. 


Types of lighting 


Wall lights

Using wall lights in the bedroom gives you control over what areas of the room you want to highlight. A well-placed wall light turns a dark corner into a cosy paradise or creates a welcoming ambience over the headboard of the bed. 

Floor lamps

Floor lamps can be used similarly to wall lights to create a welcoming corner for relaxing and hiding from the world! By making a statement floor lamp choice, you can reflect your personality in the lighting!

LED lights

Perfect for kids and teenagers (or even young-at-heart adults!) looking to liven up their bedrooms with colour changing options, or as a way to add subtle yet atmospheric lighting. 

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are of course the most common choice for bedrooms. Lighting the whole space easily, you can still bring your own style choices to ceiling lighting. Whether it’s a funky light shade or statement bulb, there’s something for everyone. 

Table lamps

For dressing tables or desks, table lamps add a stylish and classic touch. Particularly useful in areas like makeup tables or mirrors where a higher level of lighting is needed. 

What lights are best to match my bedroom style?


All of us have our own unique interior style, and your bedroom is the place to let it shine! Finding the best lights for your bedroom style can be a challenge but thankfully, we’re here to help. 

Here are some beautiful examples of bedroom styles and top tips on how to get the look for yourself:

  • This beautiful bedroom uses neutral tones with pops of vibrant blue and green to bring the outdoors in:
master bedroom with green wall and pendant light

Image source:

wofi mona bedroom ceiling light

Steal Their Style: Our Wofi Mona Pendant Light uses neutral tones and a simple yet bold design, making it perfect for a warm and welcoming bedroom. 

  • This light and airy space is perfect for the modern minimalist! The metallic wall light brings a subtle industrial feel to the décor of the room:
bedside wall lamp for reading

Image source:


gold wall light for master bedroom

Steal Their Style: Our Navigare Archie Wall Light in Gold is elegant enough to be a classy touch while retaining an unfinished, industrial feel. 

  • The shabby chic feel in this room is highlighted by the vintage wall light. The off-whites and cool tones are contrasted beautifully by the warm copper of the light:
wall spotlight above bed in bedroom

Image source:


action avila bedside table lamp

Steal Their Style: Like a unique and unusual look? This Action Avila Table Lamp has a one-off vintage feel perfect for a funky dressing table.

How to light a bedroom whatever the size


Whether you’ve got a spacious master bedroom or not, lighting can make or break the atmosphere of the space. 

How to light a small bedroom:

green bedroom with crystal chandelier pendant ceiling light

Image source:

Despite being small, this bedroom makes a master statement. Using a feature wall and a bold chandelier choice, it shows off personality and style. 

navigare bella crystal ceiling light

Our Navigare Bella Ceiling Light is a glamorous and beautiful chandelier style light that adds a high-class feel to any bedroom. From our exclusive Bedroom Lights range, it’s the perfect way to bring a classy and glam touch! 

There are three key things to think about when lighting your small bedroom:

  1. Where is the natural light in the room?
  2. What do you want to draw attention to?
  3. What areas of the room do you use most?


rustic red bedroom with table lamp for reading

Image source:

How to Light A Large Bedroom:

large white bedroom with high ceilings and double wall lights above bed

Image source:

Like in this stunning neutral-toned room above, big bedrooms benefit from a mix and match approach to lighting. 

The table below illustrates how different problems in bedroom décor can be solved with lighting:



Dark corners of the room

A standing floor lamp is a perfect solution for a dark corner. With so many beautiful options on the market, a floor lamp can be a design choice in its own right and creates a cosy ambience 

Lack of atmosphere in the room

Adjustable lights, or lights that can be turned on and off separately, allow you to control the atmosphere of the room - for example, just the light above the bed or near the mirror to create an area of focus. 

Difficult seeing where needed

A table lamp or ceiling spotlight is a great way to brighten up high-use space like a mirror or dresser. 

The Best Lights for kids bedrooms

When it comes to lighting for kids bedrooms, there’s plenty of opportunities to have fun and get creative, like this room fit for a prince or princess:

light and airy stone kids bedroom with wall lamps

Image source:

Alternatively, maybe your little adventurer is looking for somewhere to set up camp:

cosy kids bedroom with two able lamps on bedside table

Image source:

There’s even something for your favourite unicorn obsessive!:

unicorn themed bedroom with lava lamp light

Image source:


Get Creative with your Bedroom Lighting


Now we’ve covered the basics of lighting your bedroom style and delivered loads of inspiring bedroom lighting ideas, you too can create an awesome versatile space in your bedroom.

Don’t forget, the key trend for 2021 is individuality! Use your best creative ideas and don’t be afraid to experiment with combining different aesthetics for a beautiful cumulative effect.

See also our Ultimate lighting guide for tips on how to buy the perfect lights for your home. There's more to it than you might think!

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