Garden Lighting Ideas - Hints, Tips & Inspiration for 2021!

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Check out our inspiring garden lighting ideas for a beautiful outdoor space...

It was Claude Monet who said, “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.”

While we can’t all be one of the great French painters like Monet, we can all create a masterpiece of a garden. With a little know-how and some top lighting tips, every garden can be a paradise. Whether you love naturally abundant gardens filled with life or clean outdoor patio space, some well-placed lighting is the final touch to your very own beautiful garden masterpiece. 

lanterns hanging on a tree at night time

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The essential lights every garden needs

The light in your garden is what ties together the natural and man-made elements of your outdoor space. By creatively lighting your garden, you can create a welcoming and beautiful space, ready to be used any time of day or night. There are many benefits to lighting your garden:

  • Being able to use the garden into the evening and night
  • Safety when walking around the garden in the dark
  • Creating versatile space eg. a cooking area, a seating area, a garden area

There are also many different types of light that can be used in the garden. The following table explains how you can use different types of light for maximum effect:


Type of light

How to use it


Hanging from trees, fences, or walls, lanterns give off a warm light and create a cosy feel in outdoor seating spaces

Solar Lights

Hidden in the soil amongst plants in hanging baskets or flowerbeds, solar lights draw attention to the details in your garden or light up walkways

String Lights

Strips of LEDs or lengths of fairy lights are a great way to illuminate outdoor feature walls or pathways through the garden

Wall lights

Outdoor wall lights are usually the brightest light in the garden and are particularly useful when they make use of sensors to conveniently keep a high level of visibility only when you are outside

Floor lights

Running along the edge of pathways and flowerbeds, floor lights allow you to safely navigate your garden at night as well as highlighting low-level features


An upward-facing light, uplighters add a high level of light below features like trees and larger plants for an atmospheric touch 


Garden Lighting Collection features all of these types of light in many different styles and designs to suit every kind of garden! 

white bulb lanterns hanging above grass lawn in garden

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How to use lighting in different styles and sizes of garden

How you light your garden depends on the style and size of the garden. Did you know that the average Brit spends 2 hours a week gardening? Let alone the time we spend just chilling out and enjoying our gardens! With so many beautiful garden lighting ideas on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right lights for you! 

Everyone has a different idea of their perfect garden, but common features in most gardens include:

  1. A cooking area eg. barbeque or grill
  2. A seating area eg. patio or decking
  3. Pathways through the outdoor area
  4. A garden space eg. for plants, veg, other greenery
  5. A lawn 
bright home with modern garden lighting

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The garden above is a beautiful blend of rustic and modern, using natural and man-made materials in harmony. The uplighters and floor lights create welcoming low-level light, while the wall lights illuminate the rest of the space. Get the look with our Wofi Salina Solar Powered LED Garden Lamp (below). 

wofi salina solar powered garden led lamp

A common problem when it comes to garden lighting is creating zones and walkways within the space. A cooking area like an outdoor kitchen or barbeque spot needs to be connected to the seating area so food can be easily served! 

Gardens like the one below do a beautiful job of solving this problem. 

dark garden surrounded by trees with floor spotlights

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How to light a garden at night

Want your garden to look stunning at night? Be inspired by these beautiful garden lighting ideas, and make the most of our top tips for maximum impact! 

  • This maximalist mix feels like it could have been picked up from a tropical beachside café and put down in this garden!
bright garden with seating and fairy lights

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Lighting Top Tip!

Our Wofi Lua Table Lamp (below) is an awesome addition to the seating area of any garden. Welcoming, warm and bright, it’ll keep you feeling well-lit and stylish.

white outdoor table lamps for garden

  • This snow-covered garden looks simply stunning lit up by bright, clear wall lights!
snowy garden with wall lights

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Lighting Top Tip!

Our Wofi Paria Wall Light (below) is a stylish addition to any garden, adding bright light with a classic design. 

wofi paria wall lantern

  • The modern wall lights paired with bright uplighters keeps this garden highly illuminated
garden tree with outdoor uplighters

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Lighting Top Tip!

Our Wofi Padua Geometric Outdoor LED Light is an elegant, modern design that provides bright light for outdoor spaces.

wofi padua wall light for garden or outdoor wall

How bright and what colour should outdoor lights be

The brightness and colour of your outdoor lights and largely down to preference, but there are some handy guidelines to follow. 




Low (50 - 100 lumens)

Warm, orange-toned light

Patio and seating areas

Medium (100 - 200 lumens)

Neutral white light

Walkways and flowerbeds, highlighting features or providing large areas of low light

High (200+ lumens)

Cool blue light

Floodlights or security lights, usually wall-mounted

When deciding how bright and what colour your outdoor lights should be, consider:

  1. The location of your lights
  2. How often the lights will be used
  3. If wildlife frequents the area - nocturnal animals can be affected by continuous bright light, another reason why timers and sensors are useful 

What is the best outdoor lighting?

Everyone has their own ideas of what makes the best outdoor lighting, so have a look through these beautiful garden lighting ideas to see what stands out for you! If you need more help with lighting, have a look at our Ultimate Light Buying Guide

  • Chic and minimalist


chic minimalist garden

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  • Natural and cosy


natural cosy outdoor space with seating and hanging lanters

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  • Unique outdoor living room
outdoor living room area in garden with seat and floor lamp

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