Living Room Lighting Ideas - Trends, Tips & Inspiration for 2021!

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Your living room is where you socialise, study, spend time with your family and unwind after a hard day's work. It's the beating heart of a happy home; a space that has something for everyone... 


Trends may come and go, but the best lights for the living room are versatile, stylish, and create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.


That's why we've created this lighting inspiration article to provide you with plenty of lighting ideas to refresh or refurbish your lounge this 2021!


So let's get stuck in...


wofi maya lighting range

Image 1: Our first image features a cosy corner with minimalist decor details and unique spherical lights. Wofi Maya lights available at


What lights look best in the living room?


The following table reviews the types of lights available, and how they can be put to use in the living room;


Type of light

Use in living room

Floor lamp

Floor lamps are great for task lighting. They create a cosy and classic look when placed next to an armchair and bookcase, or a modern floor lamp can create a stylish atmosphere and designer feel. Best used sparingly and for a good purpose.

Table lamp

Table lamps are also useful task lights and can be placed on coffee tables and shelves to bring light to dark corners of the room. Available in a huge range of styles, table lamps can be a traditional cottage feature or a work of art in their own right! 

Wall light

Wall lights are usually used to create ambient light. Traditionally used to highlight features like artworks or to flank a TV set, they help illuminate spaces that may otherwise be in shadow. Pair a simple wall light with statement ceiling lights or vice-versa for a stunning effect.  

Ceiling light

Ceiling lights usually give the living room the majority of its light. They come in a wide variety of styles and are often used as a main focal point of the lighting in the room. Other lights such as lamps may be used to brighten up spaces a ceiling light can’t reach. 


Spotlights are great for task lighting and are most commonly used in the kitchen, but that’s not to say they can’t be put to use in the living room. They provide great task lighting for activities like reading, studying, or using a laptop and can create ‘zones’ within the room. 


Living room lighting is at it’s most effective when it is used for a specific purpose or adds to the aesthetic of the room. Consider the following questions when thinking about how to light your living room in style;


  1. What will this light add to my living room?
  2. Is it in keeping with the aesthetic and style of my living room?
  3. Does it have a useful purpose?
  4. Would a different type of light be better for this purpose? 


By asking and answering these questions, you can be sure you are investing in lighting that is functional and fashionable. 


The best lounge lighting is beautiful and functional!

According to a study by Lloyds Banking Group, the living room is where we spend most of our daily time in the house. The average person clocks in at 3 hours 48 minutes per day in the living room! The following table shows how this compares to other rooms in the house;


Amount of time spent during the day

Living room

3 hours 48 minutes


3 hours


1 hour 36 minutes

Dining room

54 minutes


42 minutes

Due to the living room being the most frequented space in the house, lighting is very important.


Poor lighting can cause;

  • Eye strain 
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

The more time spent in poor lighting, the worse the effects can be. When reading, gaming or watching TV in your lounge, good lighting can help protect eyes and heads from tiredness.


bright living room

Image 2: The lounge is a multi-use space and needs both ambient and task lighting for ample brightness. Image source:

What is the living room used for?

The lounge has always been a versatile space and lockdown has meant people have only got more creative with that space. Common uses of the living room include;

  • Watching TV
  • Reading and studying
  • Socialising with friends and family

People have always used their living rooms in unconventional ways. Since lockdown and self-isolation, many news stories have appeared featuring people using their living rooms in unusual ways. Some of the more creative uses of living rooms include;

  1. A running track for half-marathons
  2. As a campsite

Lighting ideas for your living room should account for how you use the space. When refurbishing or refreshing your lounge, consider what it is most commonly used for and how lighting can improve the experience. 


living room with hanging plants and pendants

Image 3: Plants everywhere! The bulb style pendant lights at varying heights blend perfectly into this interior jungle. Image source: bohemiandecor

blue living room with modern led aurelia lights

Image 4: Modern, minimalist, beach hut chic, illuminated with Aurelia lights available at


Light your living room with style and substance 

As mentioned above, poor lighting can have an impact on your wellbeing. Ideas for living room lighting are about functionality and style, so your lounge is both a wellness space and functional room! 

There are two types of lights which are required in the living room. These are;

  1. Task lighting
  2. Ambient lighting

By combining these two types of light, your living room can be a room with many functions and zones within it. For example, if you are a keen reader then a table or floor lamp next to your favourite reading chair provides ample task lighting.


Alternatively, if you love to play video games then an adjustable ambient light will keep the room well-lit enough to avoid eye-strain but can be changed to a brighter setting for socialising. 


Cosy and small living room with white floor lamp

Image 5: A super unique and creative living room space that looks welcoming and cosy. Image source: loves_leeds_homes


Wofi Toulouse range

Image 6: A comfortable and welcoming space in warm natural tones. Toulouse lights available at

What living room lights are on-trend in 2021?

Living room lighting in 2021 is all about form and function. Beautiful lights with a purpose tie together beautiful living room interior schemes. Living room trends for 2021 include:

  • Multi-functional, versatile space
  • Natural materials like wood and organic fabrics
  • Mixing and matching lighting and decor
  • Bold, exciting colours like pink, blue, and green

Below is some lounge lighting inspiration that is on-trend for 2021;


Wofi hampton gold lights in green living room

Image 7: Hampton lights available at 

2021 living room trends are all about space and versatility, and the living room in Image 5 has this in spades. By combining a statement pendant light over the sofa and coffee table and asymmetric yet matching table and floor lamps, the aesthetic of the room is tied together.

Gold feature lighting contrasted against the jungle green wall creates a fashionable idea for how to light your lounge in style that is bang on trend for this year.


Wofi florence industrial living room lights

Image 8: Florence lights available at

The industrial trend isn’t going anywhere in 2021, and has been adapted to suit modern needs and functions. Using different types of light in the same style creates a designer feel in your lounge, and ensures there is ample amounts of both task and ambient lighting.

These inspiring living room lights create a homely yet functional feel in a cosy corner of the home.


Wofi Sydney Scandinavian living room lights

Image 9: Sydney lights available at

Another trend that refuses to quit is the Scandinavian/eco home feel. Light pine wood, neutral soft furnishings, and soft white light create a contemporary, welcoming feel.

The minimalist take on strip lighting as seen in the Sydney lights collection combines form and function to perfectly complement the interior decor of the living room. 

How to mix and match living room lighting inspiration?

With such an abundance of lighting ideas for your lounge, it can be hard to make mix-and-match elements work together. With maximalism and individuality being a big trend this year, we’re here to help you get that perfect unique feel in your living room! Here are some things to remember when mixing and matching:

  1. Use colour to tie different design elements together 
  2. Similar materials tie together contrasting aesthetics, eg. the same metals or fabrics
  3. Use the layout of the living room to create different zones, eg. for studying/reading or socialising

Below are some images of unique, mix-and-match lounges to inspire you;


Bright multi coloured lounge

Image 10: A brightly coloured living room tied together with a statement red table lamp. Image source: paintpotteryproducts


Eclectic green lounge

Image 11: A super eclectic mix of decor and lighting for a creative overall effect. Image source: one.peculiar.home


Eco modern lounge with wooden ceiling pendant light

Image 12: Eco-home meets eclectic style - the industrial floor lamp in a neutral shade shows how different aesthetics can be blended together. Image source: kylamagrathinteriors


Now we’ve covered the basics of lighting your lounge in style and delivered loads of inspiring living room lighting ideas, you too can create an awesome versatile space in your living room.

Don’t forget, the key trend for 2021 is individuality! Use your best creative ideas and don’t be afraid to experiment with combining different aesthetics for a beautiful cumulative effect.

See also our Ultimate lighting guide for tips on how to buy the perfect lights for your home. There's more to it than you might think!