LED Savings Calculator - Find out how much money you can save with LED bulbs!

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Did you know that LED bulbs are far more energy efficient in comparison to other bulbs?


Of course you did!


But what you might not know is exactly how much money you can save with LED bulbs.


And the results might surprise you...


Take a look at the comparison chart below; you can see that LED bulbs are able to use far less energy (in Watts) to give out the same amount of light energy (in Lumens) when compared to standard incandescent bulbs.


What this means is that the wattage required for your home is nearly 5 times less when using LED bulbs compared to standard incandescent bulbs.


 LED wattage conversion chart

For example a standard 60w Incandescent bulb gives out approximately 700 Lumens, whereas you would only require a 10w LED bulb to give out the same levels of brightness.



Simply use the calculator below to find out how much you could save. All you need to do is match up the wattage of the old incandescent bulb with the corresponding wattage of the new bulb so that the light output will be the same.


This ensures it is a fair comparison, for example the following bulbs give out the same brightness:


  • Compare 25w Incandescent with 4w LED
  • Compare 40w Incandescent with 6w LED
  • Compare 60w Incandescent with 10w LED
  • Compare 75w Incandescent with 13w LED
  • Compare 100w Incandescent with 18w LED



Why are LED's more efficient?

Put simply, LED bulbs convert more of the energy they receive into light energy than standard bulbs. This means that the wattage required for the same light output is much less than other bulb types.


  • LED's convert 80-90% of the electrical energy they receive into light, with only 10-20% converted into heat.


  • Incandescent's only convert 20% of the electrical energy they receive into light, a huge 80% is converted into heat.


This is why LED bulbs are so much cheaper to run!


The added flexibility of LED's means that they can also be integrated into the overall design of lighting structures. Having the LED's pre-installed in the light means that you don't have to worry about finding the correct bulb size, as they are already integrated and can last up to 25 years!

This means that you can create truly stunning designs in all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes, without compromising on the energy efficiency of your home.


Take a look at our range of stunning Designer LED Lights for inspiration!

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